Destination Study encourages the use of a dedicated study space. Studies have shown that having a dedicated place to study improves your productivity and the ability to retain material. Bedrooms are for sleep. Living rooms are for socializing. Starbucks is for coffee. Destination Study is for studying.

   Members have access to our study facilities 24/7. Three different types of study rooms are available to encompass the needs of different styles of studying: individual, medium (2-4 person), and large (4-6 person). Whether you like to study in silence, with a tv playing in the background, or listening to music, your study room is dedicated to you.

    Everything in a Destination Study room is catered to enhancing your ability to focus. From the types of complimentary candy to the dry-erase walls and tabletops, each aspect of Destination Study was carefully chosen to encourage productivity. A smart TV with HDMI connections, extra phone chargers, and dry-erase markers and erasers are also provided in each study room.

    In the common areas, we provide a complimentary coffee and water bar, refrigerator, microwave, and community printer. We want education to be your top priority while you are here. For this reason, we have several amenities readily-available upon request such as: calculators, pens, pencils, other school supplies, connection cables, laptop chargers, ear plugs, toothbrushes, hair ties, deodorant wipes, and other other toiletry items.

    With Destination Study, the amount of productive study time should increase, so that you can spend your time without the anxiety of cramming for your next exam.

    Destination Study also offers a slew of educational services that include: tutoring for all ages and education levels, Homework Club for 7th-12th graders, test prep, and even parental guidance for those parents who are struggling to keep up with what is actually going on with their child's education.

    Destination Study was formed by two women who saw the need for a little extra help in all areas of education from a disconnect between parents and teachers to students studying in a crowded coffee shop. What started as an ideal tutoring service blossomed into something far more useful.


    "We wanted to create a physical location where students and parents could walk in and feel comfortable knowing that someone is there to help. Whether you're struggling with a hard class or you're becoming frustrated that your child's grades are slipping and you don't know how to help them, we understand that education extends beyond the walls of the classroom."

       -Taylor Thompson, Founding Member

   Finding a designated study space is a key component in productive studying. Destination Study offers a safe, comfortable environment where students can study anytime, day or night. Our goal is to make your educational experience less stressful.

    Unlike most available study spaces, we are located in town with a private parking area. If you forget something in your car or you would like to grab a bite to eat, doing so is not going to cost a significant amount of your study time. Our dedicated study areas do not close. Destination Study members can come in anytime, 24/7 using their key fob.


   "While you are here, you have the ability to productively study. You will not be distracted by someone chewing gum next to you, the dishes that are pilled up in the sink, or,  the fact that all of the hangers in your closet do not match." We don't realize how much time we waste "studying" when we are constantly distracted."

 -Reilly Cubillo, Founding Member

Office Hours: 12:00PM - 8:00PM

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